Friday, 28 November 2008

Prison Break Addicted !!!

Oh no !!! again... and again...
Watch the Prison Break Season 4 Episode 12 with an episode title: Selfless.

See Sara takes a hostage in a bid to secure Scylla. While, Michael and Lincoln finally meet the General while one of their members switches allegiance.

Watch Prison Break Season 4 Episode 13. This new Prison Break episode is entitled as “Deal or No Deal” (as the same name of a game show).

The current episode of this action-drama series surrounds on how Michael must hold the team together after the betrayal of Self. While T-Bag got himself a new partner who blackmails Gretchen into finding a buyer for Scylla. Self on the other hand makes the feds think that Lincoln killed him and the feds go after the team.

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