Monday, 7 November 2011

7-ELEVEN: FREE Limited Edition

Greeting Text

Pagi2 mama bukak email, ternampak benda ni.
Sapa yang agak2 nak tu, 
cepat2la ke 7-eleven ya..

Hari ini sahaja !!!!

FREE 7-Eleven Limited Edition Non-Woven Bag on 7-Eleven Day
Freebies: Get your free 7-Eleven Limited Edition Non-Woven Bag on 7-Eleven Day (7/11/2011) !!!

Terms & Conditions:
- Purchase any 3 items in a single receipt 
at any 7-Eleven Stores.
Promotion begins from 11am onwards on 7/11/2011.
- While stock last.

Let's recommend this great news to your friends now.

See ya!


2 Tinta Kamu ...:

Ujang9897 said...

lor..., baru tau ni..hehe..rugi tak g smlm..=)

MamaKaisah said...

@Ujang9897 takpe.. bule cuba lain kali...

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