Friday, 21 October 2011

Gaddafi KILLED !!! video


(Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi was killed after being captured by the Libyan fighters he once scorned as "rats," cornered and shot in the head after they overrun his last bastion of resistance in his hometown of Sirte.
One fighter who said he was at the battle told AP Television News that the final fight took place at an opulent compound. Adel Busamir said the convoy tried to break out but after being hit, it turned back and re-entered the compound. Several hundred fighters attacked.
"We found him there," Busamir said of Gaddafi. "We saw them beating him (Gaddafi) and someone shot him with a 9mm pistol ... then they took him away."



Gaddafi - A second before his death

 >>>>>>>>>>>> VIDEO 1<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>VIDEO 2 <<<<<<<<<<<

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puteraduyong said...

gugur juga akhirnya...tamat suatu rejim

MamaKaisah said...

ya...gaddafi sendiri pernah berkata dia tidak akan sesekali meletak jawatan dan menyerah diri.. maka, ke lubag cacinglah rakyatnya mencari...disinilah berakhirnya episod Gaddafi di Libya..

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